For baseball players everywhere, there has been experience with the difficulties of handling protective equipment. Often slow and annoying to manage, one can say it is quite cumbersome.

Whether this be on the Little League level or in the Majors, players know just how long and tiresome it can take to get this gear on or off.

If you've ever been a catcher you the dread of making the last out of an inning and having to hustle back to the dugout. Though they would greatly appreciate an extra second of rest, they are forced to hurry and change into their batting gear. This leads to confusion, misplaced straps, fatigue and general discomfort.

Quick Shield offers a new, superior alternative to cut down on the time it takes fussing with protective gear.

While traditional gear uses straps to hold it in place, Quick Shield makes use of powerful magnets.

This is made possible by the Quick Connect technology, allowing players to quickly and easily handle their protective gear. It accomplishes this with magnets on the guard connecting to ones inside the pants, creating a tight connection that holds the equipment to the player while providing enhanced protection from potential injury.

This allows catchers to simply place their leg guards on, allowing the magnetic force to do the work of snapping the equipment into place. After this, a single strap at the top of the leg is attached to create a snug fit for the athlete.

As a result of this breakthrough technology, it takes about a fourth of the time to put-on and take-off the shin guards, saving catchers the valuable time and stress that comes between innings.

This also speeds the game up, getting catchers on the field quicker between innings. Furthermore, it affords pitchers more time to warm up with their catcher, building comfort and continuity going into the next inning.

For pitchers, especially at higher levels, this can be the decisive difference between a successful inning and a disastrous one.


They are also easy to remove, coming off by just grabbing, twisting, and pulling, providing catchers the luxury of going quickly from defense back to offense.

Quick Shield is not limited to just catchers, however.

With the rising popularity of protective equipment for hitters, Quick Shield makes use of their technology to give batters an easier way to manage their protective batting equipment. With the Quick Connect magnets, players are able to just snap their guards into place with ease.

For hitters leading-off an inning, it allows them to get their gear on quicker and have more time warming up in the batters circle.

Beyond just the elbow and shin guards seen throughout the MLB, Quick Shield offers even more protection for hitters. Because of the magnets, guards can be put on to cover the batter’s shoulder, ribs, and hip, all vulnerable areas at the plate.

For example, All-Star Outfielder Andrew McCutchen suffered a fractured rib after being hit by a pitch in 2014. Quick Shield allows hitters to protect these parts of their body without hindering their swing. If McCutchen was able to wear one of these rib guards, he may have avoided hurting himself altogether.


Quick Shield opens the door for hitters to have more protection than ever had before, allowing them to stand confidently at the plate without fear of a fastball getting away from the pitcher.

This works both offensively and defensively, with Quick Shield protective gear letting players manage their equipment quicker and with more freedom.

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