Our Mission

Use technology to make existing catcher and batter protection more efficient to put on, take off and be more user-friendly. We also strive to create new protective gear for batters to cover areas previously unprotected.
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The Youth Prototype: Rib/Hip Guard

What's Going On Now?

Quick Shield has patented its innovative technology, created working prototypes and proven our vision works. Our designers, engineers, and players are further creating, building, and testing every day in order to constantly provide the best options for players. We are changing the way safety equipment has been worn and you can help, by giving players, parents, and coaches the premier option to protect their children, players and themselves.

By signing up and requesting info below, you will be first in the know. We will keep you in the loop about where and when our safety gear will be available, never spamming you or selling your information to 3rd parties. Receive exclusive discount codes, information and updates on development and product releases.
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