Revolutionizing Player Protection Gear

Conceptualized, designed, tested and engineered by a player, coach, and little-league father, Quick Shield technology is changing player safety through innovative protective gear and the areas of the body it shields.

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Protection Gear For The Catcher

Shin guards are required and needed for the catcher’s safety. Since shin guards and kneeling blocks were invented - from little league to the majors - catchers have struggled putting them on and taking them off.

Quick Shield has a solution. Instead of struggling with straps, our quick connect technology uses magnetic force to snap gear on, hold it in place during play, and pull the gear off in seconds
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Protection Gear For The Batter

Since the beginning of baseball, being hit by a pitch has been a central part of the game and a painful reality for all players. Not only does it hurt, but also causes extensive injuries requiring on-going medical attention and results in lost playing time.

Protective gear for ankles and elbows exists, but much like the catcher’s gear, it takes precious time to put the equipment on and take it off. Additionally, its uncomfortable and restrictive to run in.

So, what protects a batter when struck by a fast ball in the ribs, shoulder, or hip?
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